Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives

Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives, established in 2013, is the first in the U.S. dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing materials that tell the story of Northwest brewing. We focus on materials related the regional hops and barley farming, craft and home brewing, cider, mead, and the OSU research that dates to the 1890s. The Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives is housed at the OSU Library in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center.

Well Crafted NC

Well Crafted NC, a project of the University Libraries at UNC Greensboro, collects and promotes the history of breweries in North Carolina from the saloons of the 1890s to the craft breweries of today. We conduct oral history interviews with many of the key players in the NC brewing scene, digitizing materials related to local brewing history, and creating timelines and maps to help trace the changes in the brewing industry across the state.


The Brewchive(TM) is building a comprehensive archive of San Diego County's brewing activity beginning with the 1980s for both public and academic research. The archives hold evidence in a wide variety of forms from individuals, breweries, organizations, and affiliated businesses involved primarily with beer, but also cider, mead, and kombucha.

Montana Brewery Oral History Project

The Montana Brewery Oral History Project takes an in depth look at the rebirth and rise of the craft brewing industry in the state of Montana during the final two decades of the 20th century. The collection, a project of the Montana Historical Society, contains a series of interviews, conducted in 2017, with brewery owners, wholesalers, and retailers.


Root provides private consulting on archival collections related to food and drink history. Root’s founder, Dr. Julia Skinner, is a food historian, researcher, teacher, visual artist, cultural heritage professional, hospitality industry professional, and more, and uses all of these experiences to share her passion for food with you.

If you are working on a project to document beer and brewing history and wish to be involved in the Brewing History Consortium, please email Tiah Edmunson-Morton, curator of the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives.